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Polycia Proline Breast Milk Lactobacillus 30 bags 10 Boxes

Proline Breast Milk Lactic Acid Bacteria at a Glance, contains 3 lactic acid bacteria lactobacillus derived breast milk, lactobacillus keeper contains L-Proline, contains prebiotics for feeding lactobacillus. Proline collagen ingredients are filled with amino acids that protect lactobacillus, When consuming lactobacillus, which is a type of protein amino acid that accounts for the largest percentage most of them are killed by strong stomach acid and acid. When consumed with proline, it acts as a shield against lactobacillus It provides an environment where lactic acid bacteria can live up to the intestine, increasing the survival rate of the intestine.

Germinated Copper Wheat Strawberry

Small size to eat in a bite, 100% Domestic Urimil use Using 4.5% domestic germinated whole wheat and 4.5% stir-fried barley powder, safe and more delicious taste. Reduce discomfort caused by flour when eating using trays Safe and sour sweet using carefully selected domestic strawberry powder Safe for cholesterol and trans fats using vegetable oils

Yonsei Sterile Milk 730ml (8 Pack)

Yonsei Sterile Milk Antibiotic-Free certification 1 Article A Crude oil 100% fresh crude oil of Grade 1 From Gangwon-do clean national Antibiotic-free certified ranch, with a design that is easy to open and store with a smart cap and sterile packaged in sterile BPA free packaging that is safe from environmental hormones, stored fresh even at room temperature for a long time.