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Yonsei Milk Strawberry Flavor (9 Pack)

Fresh domestic raw milk from Yonsei dairy farms is dedicated to managing health in a professional manner, this is a product that uses raw milk from exclusive farms that are managed carefully and carefully. The sweet and sour strawberry flavor in the soft milk is added with strawberry syrup which has a sweet taste and taste, so you can enjoy the unique sweet and sour strawberry taste. Yonsei Milk Certified HACCP (Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Point) produces healthy dairy products in a place that has been certified HACCP, the standard of safe and hygienic production facilities. HACCP Analysis of possible biological, chemical, and physical hazards occurring in raw materials and factories Critical controls to the plant or measures that can prevent, eliminate or reduce hazards to an acceptable level.

O'Sum Starflower Face Treatment Oil

O'Sum Starflower Face Treatment Oil made from organic barley seed oil moist moisturizing, Organic and be Moist facials five days, With Oil Extracted from borage seeds Gamma-Linolenic acid, and Essential Acid, High Moisturizing Facial Oil for Dry Skin

EX Chain Block EX DSN Series

Designed for explosive environments with spark-resistant, full bronze suspension and load hooks; stainless steel hand chain and electroless steel hand chain and electroless nickel plated load chain; and bronze wheels for trolley with safety drop stop and rubber bumper